LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Review 3.16 “I, Ava”

Damien’s having some performance issues.

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.
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Well, that’s an ominous episode title if there’s ever been one. It also means exactly what you think it does: our beloved Ava Sharp is a clone. She handles that fact surprisingly well after a brief fainting spell, but Ava’s origins aren’t the only thing going on in this week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow - we’ve also got Zari observing Ramadan while dealing with Mick. Have you ever tried to deal with a stubborn jerk while starving? Chances are if you’re a mother you just somberly nodded at that sentence, but fasting gives that little extra edge to hunger, and Mick was lucky to make it out of this week alive.

For those who are counting, that doesn’t cover all of the Legends. Ray is tagging along with Sara to sort out her girlfriend crisis, but we’ll get to them in a bit. Let’s kick things off with all of the familial drama going on with the Vixen bloodline and the Darhks. We’ve discussed everything that Damien brings to the table ad nauseam in these reviews, but that snark and villainy moved aside for some fatherly bro time while he was supposed to be torturing Nate this week, and it was one of “I, Ava”s several shining moments.

Mari, the present day Vixen, has found herself without powers now that Amaya has lost her totem, and the timeline is solidifying. Though she’s without her powers, Mari has maintained the hero streak that runs in her family, and it’s landed her in the hospital. Nate and Wally return to deal with the issue, but Kuasa beats them to the punch. The water totem bearer may resent her sister, but she’s still her sister. Because of that she sides with the Legends. At least she does long enough to get her grandmother’s totem and leave Nate to the proverbial wolves.

Norah and Malus leave Damien to torture the Legend’s steel man, but it turns out Damien’s having some performance issues in light of being worried for his daughter. The villain has gotten everything he wanted, but it never dawned on him that it would come with a price. With Malus taking control, he’s losing his Norah, but it appears the heir to the Darhk name doesn’t want to be found.

In the final moments of the episode, Kuasa has another change of heart after being reprimanded by Amaya for leaving Nate behind. In an effort to prove her grandmother wrong, Kuasa stands between her family and Malus. She tries to reason with Norah, telling her that family is the true power, and she doesn’t have to take this path. The problem is, after seeing her father murdered and finding his darkness, Norah has no interest being saved. Malus rips the water totem out of Kuasa’s chest, and Amaya watches her granddaughter die. Meanwhile, Damien lays in the pile of rubble that Malus threw him in. It’s likely we’ll be seeing him side with the Legends in an effort to save Norah, but Amaya has to go break time in an attempt to save her granddaughter first.

Before the Legends face off with Malus, Rip Hunter is going to have a very, very bad day. That bad day will come in the form of Ava and Sara, who aren’t pleased with the whole clone situation. It seems that, for now, the secret of Ava’s origins will stay between Sara, Ava, Ray and Rip since Gary isn’t responsible enough to keep any kind of secret, but with time breaking giving Malus more power, Ava’s involvement might grow into more of a problem as the season wraps up.

With everything that happened this week, it’s a wonder what the Legends could possibly tackle before leading in to their final showdown with Malus, but Legends of Tomorrow isn’t the kind of show to leave you disappointed (at least not since season one). Next week our band of misfits have to rescue Barack Obama. The tagline for the episode? “Make America Grodd Again”. Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode while you wait!