Naomi Watts Is Going To Scold Us All In Joe Carnahan’s BOSS LEVEL

Janey-E, meet Frank Grillo. Don't hurt him too bad.

Twin Peaks: The Return was a great reminder of many things (mostly that Kyle MacLachlan is still a God, and that nobody does it like David Lynch). Yet amongst that show's near unquantifiable instances of greatness was Naomi Watts, whose Janey-E Jones became the sexiest soccer mom to ever point her finger and tell us all that we're part of the problem. 

Now, Ms. Watts is in talks to join Joe Carnahan's Boss Level - which reads like an action film companion piece to Happy Death Day on paper - where a retired special forces vet (Frank Grillo) has to relive the day of his death over and over again until he figures out how stop it from occuring. Mel Gibson is also set to co-star, probably as a bad guy of some sort (if we had to guess).

Though it's unclear what part Watts will play, this is one hell of a cast coming together for Carnahan's latest. Grillo already worked with the writer/director on his existential wolf picture The Grey, and Watts is no stranger to genre movies, having already turned in a classic with Gore Verbinski's The Ring remake years ago. No deal for Watts has been finalized yet, so keep your fingers crossed everything goes through. 

The only real question mark here is Gibson, whose mere presence will obviously upset some folks. Here's hoping Carnahan found a great reason to put the tarnished superstar in his picture, as this has potential to be a grizzled all-timer.