Word On The Street Suggests Hulu Has Decided Not To Pick Up LOCKE & KEY

Well, this sucks.

The saga of Locke & Key's journey to the small screen has stretched on for years, and now it appears that it's going to drag on even longer: according to actress Samantha Mathis (who appeared in the Andy Muschietti-directed pilot alongside Frances O’Connor, Danny Glover and IT's Owen Teague), Hulu has decided not to pick up the series.

Says Mathis, in an interview with Cultured Vultures:

"I did a pilot for Hulu called Locke & Key but it didn’t get picked up by Hulu. It’s getting shopped around to Amazon and Netflix and Apple and everyone right now. Who knows, maybe that will end up some place."

Last we'd heard, everything was moving full steam ahead on Locke & Key. With a cast that talented, Andy Muschietti directing, and Joe Hill's truly outstanding source material to work from, this project seemed like a slam dunk. But, assuming Mathis is correct, it appears Hulu did not agree. 

Locke & Key, if you aren't already familiar, comes to us from Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez, who produced the comic series for IDW Publishing between 2008 and 2013. It's essentially a haunted house story, set within the mysterious walls of a sprawling estate in the fictional town of Lovecraft, Massachusetts. It's an outstanding series (seriously, pick up the first volume if you haven't already), and this wasn't its first attempt to land on television: back in 2011, Fox produced a pilot directed by Mark Romanek. That version didn't get beyond the pilot stage, either.

Again, assuming Mathis is correct, it sounds like our next step is to wait and see if another one of these streaming outlets picks up the pilot. Stay tuned for more on this situation as it develops.