Get Dunked On In The BMD Franchise Wars Bracket

This isn't gonna be easy.

A few days ago, someone started circulating a March Madness-style bracket for Disney movies on social media. If you've ever spent any amount of time on social media, you can probably guess what happened next: fierce arguments, broken friendships, copycat brackets (some serious, some decidedly not), sports fans screaming at film nerds for not understanding how "seeding" works - the works.

It's been a real whirlwind, and the Birth.Movies.Death. team wanted in on that action. As such, we spent the morning putting together our very own March Madness-style bracket, one we feel will also lead to a series of passionate debates amongst you, the gentle BMD readers of the world.


So, as you can see, we've selected 16 of our all-time favorite franchises, and we're inviting you to fill this bracket out and share your results in the comments below. Does Indiana Jones kick Rocky's ass in the ring? Will the Xenomorphs overthrow the crew of the Starship Enterprise? How can Star Wars hope to survive the DCU when not a single Star Wars character's mom's name is Martha? We know how we'd vote, but this time we're gonna let you folks sort it out on your own.

Please do so now in the comments below, and don't be shy about explaining your thinking.

Good luck out there.