It’s Showtime: BEETLEJUICE Is A Musical Now

No Danny Elfman, though, which may be a dealbreaker for you.

According to Deadline, Tim Burton's Beetlejuice is headed to Broadway.

"Headed to Broadway", mind you. As for now, Beetlejuice is headed for the National Theater in Washington, DC, where it's set to start its pre-Broadway run in October. The show's being directed by Mozart In The Jungle co-creator Alex Timbers, who'll be working with a score by Eddie Perfect (King Kong) and from a book by Scott Brown and Anthony King (Broad City). Intriguingly, Hamilton's David Korins is onboard for scenic design, with "puppet design" (!!!) being handled by The Lion King's Michael Curry.

The idea of Beetlejuice as a stage musical is an intriguing one, but - as pointed out by my associate, Andrew Todd - the lack of Danny Elfman feels like something of a hurdle to be overcome. We're willing to give this show the benefit of the doubt, but still: we hope they at least tried to call him.

No word yet on who'll be filling out the cast, but we're curious about this entire thing and will keep our ear to the ground for further updates. In the meantime, please hit the comments section below to let us know how happy you are that at, at the very least, they still haven't made Beetlejuice 2.