Edgar Wright Blows Your Eyeballs Out With His Video For Beck’s “Colors”

One of our favorite filmmakers saturates the whole world in blue and yellow.

Edgar Wright (Baby Driver) is just phenomenal.

Watching anything he does - features or music videos - is witnessing a guy who's just totally in love with the cinematic form. Now, he's got a new music video for Beck's "Colors" (featuring another BMD fave, Alison Brie) and, as you can expect, it's just brilliant: full of life and motion. This is what movies - short or long - are all about. 

Take a look at the trailer for the short here: 

"Colors" served as the title track to Beck's most recent LP, which came out in October and reached Number Three on Billboard's albums chart (and is totally awesome, in case you're wondering). The full video is available over at Apple Music. You should totally go check it out, because it's totally nuts and will make you dance for the rest of the day.