Trailer For PASS OVER Invites You To Spike Lee’s Black Box Theater

The famed filmmaker brings us his version of a cinematic play.

I unfortunately missed Spike Lee's Pass Over at SXSW, but our own Jeremy Smith saw it at Sundance in January, and had this to say about the radical auteur's latest:

"There will never be a substitute for inhabiting the same space as a talented group of actors tearing into a tempestuous new play, but by placing his cameras on stage with his actors (and in the house for sparingly used cutaways to the audience), Spike Lee has captured in Pass Over both the electrifying intimacy of actors deep in the moment and the communal power of live theater.

Shot in Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre during the show’s summer 2017 run, Lee manages to be more participant than interloper in Danya Taymor’s production of Antoinette Nwandu’s righteously pissed off riff on Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. His role here is to bring the urgency of Nwandu’s work – brought brilliantly to life by actors Jon Michael Hill and Julian Parker – blasting through whatever screen you choose to watch it on. It’s an entirely new kind of experience from one of our finest filmmakers, a Stop Making Sense for the American theater."

Whoa. Stop Making Sense comparisons will always make my pulse quicken. Now, Amazon has released the trailer for Lee's latest, and it looks to be just as electric as what Jeremy describes.

Take a look: 

Lee's last feature film - the rap musical Chi-raq - was one of the finest, most joyously confrontational films of his already storied career, so seeing him tackle a project this experimental brings a flutter to this film writer's heart. 

Amazon is set to release Pass Over as an Amazon Prime Exclusive on April 20th. We can't wait to check it out.