ARROW 6.16 Review “The Thanatos Guild”


This post contains spoilers for Arrow.
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Arrow’s back, and hopefully you wanted to wait all that time to return to an episode that deviates from the overall storyline! “The Thanatos Guild” has a one-off story that works despite it being obvious that both Roy Harper and Colton Haynes are trying to figure out how to hop back in the saddle after all of these years away from the show. Speedy and Roy agree to skip town and have their happily ever after, but this is the CW Network and no one gets those.

As the two are happily leaving town, they’re attacked by what they believe to be the League of Assassins. Nyssa swoops in to save the day, and to give them an update on what’s been going on in Nanda Parbat. It would seem that after Malcolm died, the League disbanded. However, Malcolm Merlyn has never been one to leave well enough alone, and he made sure a new group would rise from the ashes of the League.

The Thanatos Guild is both loyal to Malcolm and totally cool with the thought of offing his daughter. Seems they might not have known their leader too well, but hey, who are we to judge? “The Thanatos Guild” bounces back and forth between the Guild saying they want the map that Merlyn left behind, and Team Arrow giving them an emphatic “no”. In the middle of those two things is Roy sulking that he and Thea are still in Star City, and Dinah and Curtis trying to find out which of the SCPD are on Diaz’ payroll. There’s your tiny tie-in, for those who need episodes to have some sort of main plot connection. By the end, they’ve discovered Captain Hill is not only working for Diaz, but she’s helping him distribute vertigo in Star City.

Thea manages to have a realization or two of her own. The first isn’t much of a revelation – she knows she wants to spend her life with Roy. The second is that she’s not quite done being Speedy yet. This seems out of the blue, considering the fact that the majority of her arc this season has been her giving up the hood. Like her brother, she feels complete when she’s her alter ego and is doing something for good. So, she decides that she will join Nyssa in her mission of destroying the newly discovered Lazarus Pits. Final plot twist? Roy’s going with them.

It seems Oliver’s first sidekick meant it when he said it didn’t matter where they went, so long as they’re together. Roy seems good with his decision to hang up his hood, but he’ll follow Thea as long as he needs to until she’s at that point. Isn’t that sweet? Hopefully you think so, because that’s it. That’s the episode. There’s some intrigue over the fact that there are more Lazarus Pits out there, and the Thanatos Guild was… fine? Really, the best moments of the episode were between Felicity and Nyssa. “Sister wife” coming from the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul’s mouth is comedy gold.

Next week things get dramatic in the Arrow Cave, but this time it’s not because of the two teams butting heads. Oliver realizes this week that he’s no longer ready to give up being the Green Arrow, and now he’s got to break that news to John. Egos are going to flare and hopefully, maybe, we’ll see some progression with this Diaz issue. You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode in the meantime!