Is Adam Sandler Starring In The Next Safdie Bros. Picture?

The GOOD TIME kids could be the next filmmakers to put Sandler to good use.

It's time that we stop being surprised whenever Adam Sandler decides to work with great filmmakers, and instead start celebrating those moments when he's pulled away from his goofball persona (that still earns him quite a few free trips to Hawaii). Noah Baumbach's The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) showed us again last year that the guy's got game when he decides to turn it on, as that movie joined Punch Drunk Love and Funny People as a showcase for his genuinely engaging abilities as a performer. 

Now, the Safdie Bros. (Good Time) might be the next set of aueters to exploit Sandler's capabilities, as they're reportedly seeking the former SNL star out to replace Jonah Hill in their upcoming Martin Scorsese-produced Uncut Gems. Working with the pair would be an even greater challenge to Sandler's talents, as he's never starred in anything as scummy and hardcore as a Safdie Bros. picture before, but we're definitely game to see him try. 

For those who may have forgotten, Uncut Gems is set in the corrupt diamond district of NYC, and is co-written by the siblings' usual conspirator, Ronald Bronstein (who helped pen Heaven Knows What and even starred in Daddy Long Legs). So, essentially, it'll probably be another down and dirty live-shot crime picture, as the Safdies keep delving deeper and deeper into pure pulp.

After that, the Brothers have their upcoming 48 Hrs. remake with Jerrod Carmichael. The duo are some of the most exciting artists working today, and watching them stretch their gutter style is going to be a huge treat. Here's hoping Sandler joins them for Uncut Gems, as the pairing is too intriguing to deny.