Final Trailer For A QUIET PLACE Promises It’ll Be Your New Favorite Creature Feature

Or, maybe WE'RE just telling you it'll be your new fave.

I've seen A Quiet Place twice now, which isn't so much me bragging (OK, maybe a little) as it is meant to illustrate a point: I almost NEVER watch new movies twice in theaters. There just isn't time anymore. But after being utterly floored by John Krasinski's creature feature at SXSW, I couldn't help myself when I found out Drafthouse was doing a secret screening of the horror picture here in Austin.

Now, I'm going to be truly obnoxious and quote myself (though I totally stand by these confirmed sentiments):

"It's such a wonderful sensation when a movie surprises the ever-loving shit out of you, and A Quiet Place does just that. It's an amazing audience experience, that also feels incredibly personal to its central stars. For all the monster movie madness, cheap thrills and wonderful filmic texture, this is still very much a motion picture about the terrors of parenthood, and how the best mothers and fathers would do anything to keep their kids safe. Every moment of desire and self-doubt is conveyed with crystal clarity, thanks to [Emily] Blunt and Krasinski's marvelously expressive faces. A Quiet Place lets us become so intimate with their family unit that we laugh, cry, scream, and shout along with them at every perilous turn, hoping to God they make it out of this impossible situation alive."

The film hits theaters this weekend, and Paramount Pictures has released a final trailer ahead of its release. Check it out: 

Just in case my word isn't enough, I've spoken with Dat Boi Wampler (who also attended the secret screening) and can confirm that he's given it the "It Fucks!" stamp of approval (ed. note: he's not lying).

A Quiet Place will be released into theaters April 6th. Grab you some Drafthouse tickets right 'chea