LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 3.17 Review “Guest Starring John Noble”

We miss him too, Sara.

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.
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Things got emotional on Legends of Tomorrow’s penultimate episode. They also got strangely meta and predictable, but not in a way that isn’t expected in a superhero show. The first problem that the Legends have to take on? Saving a young Barack Obama, because obviously. There’s also the small problem of Amaya returning to Zambezi to save her people, timeline be damned.

Amaya choosing to save her family over her mission to the timeline is a problem. There’s a long list of reasons why it’s a current problem, with Mallus looming over the timeline, but it’s more the previous events of Legends that makes it inexcusable. It's understandable that she would want to save her village - if faced with the same problem, few would make the “right” choice - but in a show where they’ve had to literally turn away from saving slaves to ensure history runs its course, breaking the rules for a village seems unreasonable.

But break the rules for Zambezi they do! After a long and complicated back and forth with Damien Darhk, the team decides to save Zambezi and set Mallus free so that they can finally face him. There are limitless implications for saving Amaya’s village, but for now the most pressing one they have to deal with is the giant demon they unleashed.

While the show that revolves around saving time utterly ignoring the consequences of breaking it is annoying from time to time (this certainly isn’t the first time the Legends have done so), “Guest Starring John Noble” is all of the ridiculous fun we’ve come to expect. Damien Darhk briefly betrays Norah because he loves her, and even manages to have a heart to heart with Sara. How is he on the Waverider without Sara killing him, you wonder? Well, because Sara went back in time and got advice from a baby Barack Obama, obviously.

When you first read the title of the episode it seems safe to assume that it’s an inside joke and they just couldn’t decide on a better title. On a lesser show, that might have been the case. But this is Legends of Tomorrow and they felt like they hadn’t quite reached their ridiculous quota yet. The title is not a clever nod at the voice of Mallus, but acknowledging the fact that the episode literally guest stars John Noble. Ray realizes that the voice he hears on Mick’s Lord of the Rings blu ray sounds alarmingly like Mallus, and Ray goes back in time to use this to their advantage.  This all obviously results in the team capturing Norah with the most ridiculous plan possible. Because Legends.

Oddly, Damien teaches Sara a little something about love and she confesses her feelings to Ava. Unfortunately, Ava’s not as okay with that whole "being a clone" thing as she came off in last week’s episode. Confronting Rip and learning that there were eleven other Avas before her can’t have helped much. For better or for worse, she’s not on board with Sara’s insane plan to let Mallus free. There must always be at least one voice of reason, after all. She bails by the end of the episode, but she’ll be back for the finale next week. She’s gotta save her girl!

It wasn’t the perfect episode, but it was funny enough that it made up for any of its weird quirks. Perhaps next week we’ll see them sort out the massive rift they just put through the timeline that directly effects all of their stories, but in the meantime you know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode.