Trailer For UPGRADE Promises The B-Movie Verhoeven Riff Of Your Dreams

Leigh Whannell delivers a sci-fi DEATH WISH with a wacky techno twist.

You guys are gonna flip the fuck out when you see Upgrade. A gory, hyper-violent B-Movie scorcher from writer/director/Australian heart-throb Leigh Whannell (SawInsidious), it'd feel right at home on a video store shelf in 1997 with a Dimension Films logo before the opening credits. Thankfully, our friends at Blumhouse Tilt are bringing this brutal face-melter to a theater near you this Summer. 

Now, there's a trailer that - while somewhat spoilery - sells the movie's high concept riff on Death Wish quite well, as a paralyzed technophobe (Logan Marshall-Green) is granted the ability to seek revenge on his wife's attackers, thanks to a new implant that takes control of his body in, well, unusual ways. 

Take a look:

Look, I'm just gonna say it: Upgrade is a better Death Wish movie than Eli Roth's Death Wish remake (and comes from a guy who already appeared in what's arguably the best DW sequel, Death Sentence). Part Her, part Robocop, part Cronenbergian body horror, part exploitation revenge story, Whannell's movie is genre freak out bliss, and we can't wait for y'all to check it out. 

Upgrade hits theaters June 1st. I'll save you a seat and order you a beer if you're running late.