Reshoots Likely To Delay CHAOS WALKING Until, Who Knows, 2030 Maybe

This is kind of a bummer.

Heavy reshoots on films are becoming so commonplace that we’re getting less likely to see them as a sign of trouble. It’s unclear whether that’s the case with Doug Liman’s big adaptation of Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking, but reshoots are definitely going to cause some trouble.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chaos Walking, which wrapped last November, needs to get back out there. The problem is stars Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley have these piddly indie movies they need to take care of, meaning those necessary reshoots might not even happen until late this year or even early 2019. The film is going to need a couple weeks of reshoots, and by god it is going to get them. Even if its leads have grey hair and no longer understand Snapchat.

On the plus side, it looks like author Patrick Ness may help write this additional material (or rewrite excised material). Still, that’s not enough to save me from being bummed out. As a big fan of the books, Doug Liman, and that cast, I’d like this movie sooner rather than later. Now it’s looking extremely likely to miss its March 1 release date.