The Avengers Disassemble Into A Shitload of INFINITY WAR Character Posters

We hope you have a very very very long wall.

I am embarrassed by my excitement for Avengers: Infinity War. I should be above this, but I am not. Who’s gonna die? Will Thanos be cool? How are they setting up next year’s entry? I just have a bunch of questions I need answered and also can’t wait to see these characters hang out again.

And with that excitement, here are a ton of character posters for the film. I didn’t know if Marvel would do this or not. On one hand, people love character posters for team movies. On the other, that’s a lot of damn characters. Marvel apparently took the challenge and ran with it, have a look:

Granted, they aren’t too exciting, but what were you expecting? On the plus side, they gave both Captain America and Bucky the infamous butt-out shots, so be thankful for that.

Look, we’re all seeing this either way when it comes out April 27. In the meantime, I highly recommend our great magazine on the subject, which is on sale now!