The Rock Sounds About Three Steps Away From Beating Vin Diesel Senseless

Would watch.

You may recall that there was some, uh, tension between The Rock and Vin Diesel on the set of last year's Fate Of The Furious. We've never been given a full report on what exactly went down between the two, but rumors about the pair's complete inability to get along circulated throughout the production (and well into the film's actual release). Was it for real, the kind of beef that occurs whenever two sizable egos are asked to share the same space? Or was it a hoax, meant to drum up headlines in the lead-up to Furious 8's arrival?

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, The Rock makes it sound like...well, see what you think:

“Vin and I had a few discussions, including an important face-to-face in my trailer. And what I came to realize is that we have a fundamental difference in philosophies on how we approach moviemaking and collaborating. It took me some time, but I’m grateful for that clarity. Whether we work together again or not."

Look, we're no experts, but...this kinda sounds like The Rock and Vin Diesel almost brawled on the Furious 8 set. This quote also sounds like it was delivered through clenched teeth, perhaps because The Rock would still very much like to beat Vin Diesel senseless.

But maybe we're jumping to conclusions! Does The Rock think he and Diesel will work together again? Says The Rock:

“I’m not quite sure. Right now I’m concentrating on making the spinoff as good as it can be. But I wish him all the best, and I harbor no ill will there, just because of the clarity we have. Actually, you can erase that last part about ‘no ill will.’ We’ll just keep it with the clarity.”

OK, yeah, we're pretty convinced The Rock wants to beat Vin Diesel senseless.  

This is not, you'll note, the first beef The Rock has entertained with a fellow Fast & Furious cast member. This past October, he and co-star Tyrese Gibson entered a social media feud in the wake of the news that The Rock and Jason Statham might be teaming up for their own Fast & Furious spin-off, a move that did not gel with Tyrese's closely-held opinions regarding #fambly (you can read more about that situation here).

So, what's the story here? Is The Rock surrounded by assholes? Did The Rock enter the Fast & Furious franchise and upend all that familial tranquility? Is this all just an elaborate stunt intended to make us side with one hunk over another? We know what we think, but let's hear what you have to say. Go ahead and hit the comments below, at your leisure.

Fast & Furious 9 hits theaters in 2020. We're not sure who's gonna be in it at this point.