Full Trailer For FAHRENHEIT 451 Goes Full BLADE RUNNER

The Michael B. Jordan starring take on the classic sci-fi novel looks gorgeously familiar.

A full trailer for HBO’s upcoming Fahrenheit 451 just dropped, and it's full of neon, flamethrowers and lingering shots of Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon achieving "eat your face" levels of intensity.

I mean, you don't really need any more blathering from me (as you definitely read this book in high school and know what it's about). 

Check it out:

Now, this may not be François Truffaut - who helmed the '66 take on Ray Bradbury's groundbreaking novel - but Ramin Bahrani (99 Homes) is bringing some serious style to this new iteration. All that color and light and shadow is just to die for. Hopefully, the familiar design elements - as this looks to be set in the same universe as Blade Runner - don't utterly overwhelm the look of the picture. 

We'll just have to see how this new adaptation stacks up when Fahrenheit 451 airs on HBO May 19th.