Trailer For Asghar Farhadi’s EVERYBODY KNOWS Reunites Cruz & Bardem Onscreen

The Cannes opener looks gorgeous and filled with Farhadi's usual marital strife.

Only one Spanish-language film has ever opened the Cannes Film Festival: Pedro Almodóvar’s '04 erotic journey Bad Education. But this year, Iranian auteur Asghar Farhadi - who last made an appearance at the Fest in '16 with his Oscar-winning The Salesman - is set to become the second.

To sweeten the deal, Farhadi's bringing superstars Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem - whose off-screen relationship pretty much guarantees chemistry here - along for the tale of a mother (Cruz) who travels with her family to her small hometown outside Madrid, Spain for a wedding feast. After an unexpected revelation, the family begins to unravel as they’re forced to make moral choices that could destroy them. If you've ever seen A Separation, you know this is pretty familiar territory for Farhadi, who can bring out the very best in any performer. 

Now, there's an international trailer for Everybody Knows. Even for non-Spanish speakers (like this writer), the unsubtitled spot is still pretty hypnotic, promising a sun soaked melodrama of the highest order. Also, a lot of worrying. Mucho worrying. 

Take a look: 

There's no American distributor as of yet (Universal Spain is putting it out across the pond), but we should probably expect that to change following its Cannes debut next month.