Rejoice: ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE Will Be Here In Time For Christmas

Trust us: this is very exciting news.

Here's some news I'm very excited to report: according to Deadline, John McPhail's Anna And The Apocalypse finally has a release date. December 7th, 2018, to be precise.

On that day, McPhail's rom-com zombie holiday musical (did you get all that?) will hit select theaters via the folks at Orion, a limited engagement which will precede a nationwide rollout. Translation: there's a very good chance we could all be enjoying this absolutely delightful film just in time for Christmas.

Anna And The Apocalypse blew the doors off the place at last year's Fantastic Fest, where its singular blend of teen comedy, elaborately-choreographed pop musical numbers and zombie gore felt right at home amongst the rest of the Fest's bizarro genre offerings. This writer walked into the film feeling very skeptical (the entire thing sounded like it might be an Edgar Wright rip-off cross-pollinated with High School Musical), but within twenty minutes I was very much onboard with the entire thing. Went back and saw it a second time, in fact (here's my review). 

And here's the teaser trailer, in case you missed it:

It's so exciting to hear that McPhail's film has finally been slated for release, and doubly so given that this one was such a hit out of last year's Fantastic Fest. We're pretty confident this movie's right up the BMD readership's alley, and really cannot recommend it enough. 

Anyway, stay tuned for more on Anna And The Apocalypse as it becomes available. If you caught the film at FF last year, feel free to back me up on the above in the comments below (and if you're somehow associated with the film and would like to slip me a copy of the soundtrack on the sly: for the love of God, get in touch).