Wake Up! THE FIRST PURGE Trailer Is Here

As fortold by sacred texts, Marisa Tomei destroys America.

I love love love the Purge movies and feel they’ve been getting better which each new entry. They’ve also grown angrier and more politically pointed. The last one got a bit into the politics of the Purge and followed Frank Grillo around, while making sure to highlight how the Purge unfairly targets those who cannot afford to save themselves. It looks like this new one doubles down on that angle big time. Check it out:

I am in love. Yes, I will miss Grillo, but I want these things to be pissed off screeds that don’t hold back. Normally, a prequel is a sign of unoriginality. Here, it's looking like an opportunity to dig deeper into everything that’s fucked up about America. And also there are cool masks.

There are plenty of great looking movies coming out this summer. This is one I’m looking forward to most. And hell yes it comes out July 4. I can’t wait.