R. Kelly Checks In On Last Night’s SNL

"What are you up to, R. Kelly!?"

Chadwick Boseman has played Jackie Robinson, James Brown and, most recently, Black Panther. If they’re looking to cast the R. Kelly biopic, though, Boseman just filmed the best audition tape. In last night’s SNL “Disney Princess” sketch, three adult ladies partake in a popular Disney World attraction, the Magic Mirror. Typically, a child stands in front of it and wishes for their princess self to appear. I’ve seen the real mirror and it basically projects any random princess onto the kid’s reflection. In this sketch, though, I think for technical reasons, they project your soulmate princess next to you.

Melissa Villaseñor tries it and gets Elsa. Cecile Strong goes and gets Rapunzel. Now it’s Leslie’s turn. Is she going to get one of the women from Black Panther and make it a commentary about how few minority Disney princesses there are? Nah, they thought. Let’s just have R. Kelly show up and let things get weird!

Leslie Jones hasn’t gotten much to really act against this year. A couple irate customers and Leslie Jones as Leslie Jones. While I still maintain that the character of herself is one of my favorite things she does, she’s still capable of way more comedically and this sketch is for her.

Overall it's a fun sketch, resting well above the season average in humor, which is honestly a low bar. Also: an honorable mention goes to Kate McKinnon’s wig in “Restaurant Complaint”:

 If she was paying attention last night, she took an earnest picture in it and will use it for her Christmas card with no explanation to her friends and family.