Let’s Try This Again: SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Gets A Much Better Trailer

And basically admits we’re just here for Lando.

It’s been a rough go for Solo: A Star Wars Story thus far. The film’s first trailer underwhelmed, it turns out the design for its character posters was a little less than original, and then there’s the whole fired directors, massive reshoot situation. Hey, if the film is good, who cares?

Of course, that’s a question with no obvious answer right now. But at least we’re getting somewhere with this new trailer for the film:

I have to admit, this is starting to look decent. We’re finally getting an idea at whatever charm Alden Ehrenreich has to offer in the role, and there’s plenty of Lando to go around. I’m less into all the goofy callbacks, but it’s Sunday night and I’m trying to be positive.

We also got this poster, which doesn’t do a whole lot for me, but isn’t ugly either:

What do you guys think? Are we going to be arguing about this movie until Episode IX comes out or what?