Batgirl Is Back! With A Brand New Screenwriter

Let’s see if this one can get made.

It’s been about a month and a half since Joss Whedon peaced out of Warner Bros. Batgirl project, and many assumed his exit meant the end of that project. Boy were we dumb. Why are we always so damn stupid?

According to THR, not only is the project still going, but now it even has a screenwriter, Bumblebee writer Christina Hodson. The script still needs to be written of course, and then will have to get a director and a cast and get made and put out a poster and then a trailer and then come out and then be available digitally and then watched on several airplanes, but this is a strong first step.

The THR also mentions something curious right at the end when it states Hodson has also been involved with developing a Birds of Prey movie. That’s good information in its own right, but putting it aside for now, it also bodes well for Hodson’s ability to write this character. Hopefully, her Batgirl is half as good as Bumblebee is most certainly going to be.