STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Gets Its Captain Pike

But what will his uniform look like.

I have to admit to you: I bailed on Star Trek: Discovery when it went on its midseason hiatus. Many people do enjoy the show, and I wish them the best, but it really wasn’t for me. And everything I’ve read about the half season I missed tells me I made a good choice.

The season ended on a pretty big shocker involving Discovery meeting up with the old school Enterprise under command of Captain Pike, which obviously brings up a bunch of questions regarding how next season is going to deal with the fact that it is aesthetically a million lightyears away from TOS Trek. I can’t wait to read about but not watch how that all unfolds.

But before we can get there, we have to get a Captain Pike. According to Variety, that role has been filled by Anson Mount, who you may remember from a bad dream you had one night called Marvel’s Inhumans. On a more positive note, he was also on AMC’s Hell on Wheels.

I genuinely am curious to learn how season two of Discovery checks out. The first was a little tonally confused due to understandable behind the scenes shenanigans. This time, one assumes things will be more ironed out as the show begins to aver its own identity. We’ll see.