That TERMINATOR Movie We’ll Probably Never See Gets A New Cast Member

Hello, fellow human!

To bring you up to speed: Yes, there is apparently going to be yet another Terminator movie. This one is special because it will bring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton back to the series, unlike the last, non-special one which only had Schwarzenegger back, and yet not as special as the next next one which will have Schwarzenegger, Hamilton, AND the Stanton Twins.

But not every actor in the film can be a returning player. You also need highly generic young blood in there. And according to THR, one of those new actors will likely be Diego Boneta.

I don’t know who that is, but he was in Scream Queen and Rock of Ages. Thus far, his role (should he negotiate just right) will be as: a human.

The odds of this happening for real still feel very slim to me, but the production just won some more time to figure itself out with a move from July 26, 2019 to November 22. Boy are my fingers crossed.