#DeadwoodWatch2018: Tax Incentives May Pave The Way

HBO keeps giving us reasons to believe these cocksuckers are coming back.

Not too, too long ago, Timothy Olyphant started shooting his motherfucking mouth off on Bravo, sounding rather pessimistic about the chances of a Deadwood movie moving forward:

“There’s no fucking way it will ever happen.”

Nevertheless, Deadline is now reporting that the Deadwood movie is closer than ever to actually happening. This is due to HBO being granted a $4.19 million tax incentive to film the movie in California, which means it has a “finished script and financing in place,” as both are required before applying for the credit. The only wrinkle? California law states that principal photography must begin within 180 days of the incentive being granted - barring some “special circumstances” - which means Milch's follow-up has to enter production by October.

This actually keeps in line with the network's original plan, which was reported last November:

"...[Deadwood] is eyeing a Fall 2018 start date, with Milch's script reportedly revolving around a fire that consumes the town (based on an actual event in 1879 that took down 300 buildings) and sends Al Swearengen (Ian McShane) fleeing by barge."

So, it seems like Olyphant may be mistaken? To be fair, the actor even said he was "hopeful" the revival would roll cameras this year after he jokingly made the aforementioned declaration. Meanwhile, our own Scott Wampler asked Brad Dourif about the possible reunion, and got a rather straightforward dose of realness: 

"I keep hearing things, but ... y'know, it's going to be done, it's not going to be done, it's going to be done. I've only talked to my agent about it, after he talked to the powers that be, and it's looked like it was gonna [happen] twice. I don't know if it is greenlit, or - if it is greenlit - if they could even get everyone together. Most of the people involved work a lot, y'know?"

Still, the actors aren't the ones to ask here. HBO is, and if they've been granted a tax credit with all of the necessary elements for production in place, that means we may be due for an announcement very soon. Stay tuned, hoopleheads, the Gods of blood and thunder may smile down on us yet.