Don’t Let The Trailer For SUPERCON Be The Last Thing You See Before You Die

At least work in a screening of BEACHES or something.

It's obviously a morbid thought, but sometimes I wonder which movie is going to be the last one I see before I die. You hope that you get a classic - Taxi DriverBlow OutMiami Vice - but the odds are actually in favor of you watching like a Mallrats. The stinkers just far outnumber the sweet stuff.

Speaking of Kevin Smith, his former production secretary is making his way up in the world - full-on emulating his boss' style (or lack thereof) and addiction to terrible pop culture critique with Supercon, a film that seems to want to be the Ocean's 11 of fan convention narratives, but is really just cosplaying as an actual movie. 

To be fair, there's possibly a motion picture contained in this synopsis:

"Another weekend, another comic convention for former TV actor Keith Mahar. Most people don’t recognize Keith. His only claim to fame was as a child star in an 80’s television show. Keith reluctantly joins his close friends,cartoon voice-over actor Matt,comic book artist Allison,and 80’sTV star Brock,who are also working the convention, but things take a turn for the worst when Keith’s former co-star and Supercon’s big ticket draw for the weekend — Adam King — decides to have this group fired and banned from the convention with the help of the convention promoter. This launches the friends on a crusade to bring down King and the promoter in the most epic way imaginable."

Then you check out the trailer and start pondering the finite nature of existence itself:  

Somewhere out there, someone is going to rent Supercon, and then something tragic is going to happen in their life, and as they approach that light at the end of the tunnel, they're desperately going to hope that they have movies in Heaven, Hell, or wherever you end up when the lights go out. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna work in a quick viewing of Phantom of the Paradise and call my loved ones. You just never know, man.

Supercon hits theaters and VOD April 27th.