Handsome Damian Lewis To Play Equally Handsome Rob Ford… Yes, That Rob Ford

You read that correctly.

Ah, Rob Ford. Just seeing his name again reminds me of a more innocent time, an era where politicians who spent most of their days on tabloid covers only ascended to the office of Mayor.

That name has come up again today because of a super strange project entitled Run This Town, in which Damian Lewis - movie star - will don prosthetics to play Rob Ford - the Chris Farley of politicians.

The weirdness goes deeper. Other than Ford, supporting characters in the film - which will focus on a reporter’s efforts to expose Ford’s debauchery - will be fictional characters for some reason. Actually the reason might be so it can focus on a dude (Ben Platt’s character) instead of the real-life Robyn Doolittle. Starting off on the wrong foot, Run This Town!

Nevertheless, I am curious about this one. Well, I’m eager to see Damian Lewis in costume. I don’t know how much further than that I can commit.