THE PURGE TV Show Adds A Trio Of New Cast Members

Lee Tergesen feels the urge... the urge to PURGE.

I’m all about that Purge, even when that Purge action comes in the form of a cable television show. Though, I’m still a little confused about what this show is trying to be - at first it seemed like it would take place around the Purge instead of during it; that appears to have changed - I am here for it all the same.

According to Deadline, the show has added three new cast members, Lili Simmons of Ray Donovan fame is going to play a rich lady named Lila who isn’t as gung-ho for the Purge as her fancy friends. Hannah Anderson from New Mutants will play Jenna, a lady who normally hides away during Purge night, but has to go out and get her hands dirty for some reason. And last, Lee Tergesen, who you should remember from Oz if you don’t remember him from Wayne’s World, will play a guy who drives around trying to help unfortunate Purge-ers.

I don’t really know Lili Simmons or Hannah Anderson, but Lee Tergesen is great. To be honest, at this point in time, I don’t really care who is in this show so long as they play characters that help flesh out the Purge world. These descriptions tell me they’re at least trying to do that, so I’m satisfied.