The Writers Of A QUIET PLACE Already Have Some Sequel Ideas Brewing

Also, it was almost a CLOVERFIELD entry?

Screenwriters Scott Beck and Bryan Woods are flying pretty high right now, as A Quiet Place just tore up the box office on its opening weekend (to the tune of $50 million). Of course, the first question on most people's minds is: "will there be a sequel?" 

Well, the duo already have an answer for you, as the homies at Fandango tossed the possibility out there, to which Beck and Woods responded: 

"It’s such a fun world. There are so many things you could do. There are so many discarded set pieces, too, just hiding out on Word documents on our computer. So, yeah, there are certainly so many stories you could tell. It’s just really, at the end of the day, who are the characters in this and what does this situation mean to that dynamic?”

Some of the most striking things in A Quiet Place are the tiny details that are inserted into the narrative without explanation. *Minor Spoilers Ahead* For example: I'd love to know more about the neighboring farms/tribes that Krasinki's character signals in the early moments of the film, using nothing but a large flame on the top of his silo. Furthermore, the light system used to alert each other was so crude but well thought out. If there are more moments like that contained in the Word docs Beck and Woods hint at, I'd be all for it. 

Also - neat little bit of trivia: A Quiet Place was almost made into an entry of Paramount's Cloverfield horror/sci-fi anthology franchise. While speaking with /Film, the scribes discussed how the decision was made not to enter JJ Abrams' famed "mystery box" collection of stories: 

“I guess it crossed our mind and we had spoken to our representatives about that possibility. It was weird timing, though, because when we were writing the script, 10 Cloverfield Lane was at Paramount. We were actually talking to an executive there about this film, and it felt from pitch form that there might be crossover, but when we finally took the final script in to Paramount, they saw it as a totally different movie.”

However, in the end, the studio decided against the branding: 

“I think in part because conceptually it was able to stand on its own.”

A Quiet Place is currently in theaters, and you should totally check it out, as it even made our Best of '18 (Thus Far) list (so you know it's good). Keep supporting original horror, because we'd love to see more tales set in this strange world.