Trailer For MERCURY 13 Sees Women Fight For Their Rights (In Space)

The Netflix Original documentary tells the story of the world's bravest astronauts.

We give Netflix a lot of grief around these parts *ahem, Mr. Shapiro*, but once in a while, they do some good, too. Take Mercury 13, for instance. Based on Martha Ackmann's non-fiction account, David Sington and Heather Walsh's documentary revolves around the pioneering women astronauts of America, who fought for their right to explore the stars. 

Check out the trailer, which sells one hell of a story:

Look, I'm sold. Beyond this being an important piece of history that should be told, it's just nice to see the streaming giant supporting documentary filmmaking, which is becoming a more difficult sell with each passing year (as audiences simply don't show up beyond the hardcore, unfortunately). Here's hoping a doc being beamed into living rooms ups those numbers just a little. 

Mercury 13 hits Netflix April 20th. Be there.