Amazon Follows The Beam: Could THE DARK TOWER Be Their Next Series?

The streaming studio might be getting into the fantasy game full force.

You may recall last week that it was reported by THR that Amazon was paying upwards of a billion dollars to produce a five season (minimum) series redux/whatever of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films. This followed in the wake of the news (reported via Deadline back in February) that Amazon was also working on an adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower:

“Amazon made a mega deal for a Lord of the Rings TV series and is developing a slew of high-profile titles, including The Dark TowerWheel of Time, Ringworld, Lazarus, and Snow Crash." 

Now, as io9 points out, personnel from that potential series have also begun to weigh in. Last August, The Walking Dead's Glen Mazzara was hired as the showrunner for Roland's adventures toward the nexus of the universe. Over the weekend, he tweeted out a Dark Tower joke, which prompted Sharon Tal Yguado - the head of Event Series at Amazon - to quote tweet him, stating "our writers take their job very seriously” with the hashtag “#DarkTowerTV.”

Hmmmm. Those tweets have (of course) since been deleted (though have screenshotted them like good King devotees). Nevertheless, there are still a ton of questions to be answered if this series does head into production. How the hell does it tie to the (ugh) movie? Will it tie to the movie at all? We can pretty much count on all of the cast not making an appearance, right? 

However, beyond anything else, this news (if we can even call it that) is indicative of Amazon's commitment to becoming a real player in terms of series content. If they're tossing this much money out to bring these recognizable properties to life (not to mention hiring talent behind bona fide hits), it could result in something special.

*Looks at Blu-ray of Dark Tower Movie Collecting Dust On Shelf* Or not. Stay tuned.