Burt Gummer Recaps The Entire TREMORS Movie Series Thus Far

For all those who missed the sequels.

Look, unlike me, I bet you all had enough sense to stay away from all those crazy Tremors sequels (another of which is coming out soon - look for a review in about a week). While I understand that urge, I really do want to stress for the final time that some of those sequels aren’t bad. Part three is particularly good!

But not everyone has time to watch four movies of questionable quality, especially when one of them has Jamie Kennedy. If that’s your boggle, perhaps we can settle on the following video as a compromise:

That’s Michael Gross as Burt Gummer, taking you through all the Tremors films with his usual wit and grace. It takes less than three minutes to get all caught up for the next sequel: Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell. If nothing else, it offers you all a fun look at what Gummer’s been up to for the last eighteen years.