OPEN THREAD: Which Version of Pennywise is King?

Yeah, we're going there.

Earlier today, the BMD crew was taking a look at Waxwork Records' forthcoming vinyl release of the IT score, which led to a discussion about the relative strengths and weaknesses of Tommy Lee Wallace's IT miniseries ... versus last year's blockbuster IT movie, directed by Andy Muschietti. 

Inevitably, this led us to the Queen Mother of all IT-related questions: who was the better Pennywise - Tim Curry's 1992 iteration ("Pennywise Classic") or Bill Skarsgård's 2017 version ("Dat Boi Pennywise")?

From where we're standing, there's arguments to be made in either direction. Curry's version is absolutely the more iconic of the two, and his no-frills costume and makeup design actually seem to be more in line with King's original intentions for the character (read: on the surface, he looks like a harmless birthday clown). On the other hand, Skarsgård's take was undeniably horrific - arguably moreso than Curry's! - not to mention exceptionally unsettling in ways that weren't even attempted with Curry's version (read: those teeth, the lazy eye).

The BMD staff remains divided on this issue, but since it's a Slow News Day™ and we're inherently curious bastards, we thought we'd turn this debate over to you, the gentle BMD readers of the world. Weigh in below with your vote for the best Pennywise, and don't be shy about pleading your case. Which version's scarier? Which version's truer to the source material? Which version would be more likely to entice you into an open sewer with the promise of balloons and cotton candy?

We're all ears, Commentariat. Do your thing.