Heads Up!: Fantastic Fest Badges Are Now On Sale

Grab yourself an all-access pass to the coolest genre fest on the planet today.

I wouldn't be writing for BMD if it weren't for Fantastic Fest. I wouldn't be working at Vulcan Video if it weren't for Fantastic Fest. I wouldn't have my best friends or my girlfriend if it weren't for Fantastic Fest. Hell, my whole timeline would be different if I never went to Fantastic Fest. 

Seven years ago, I made the trip down to Austin, and had my entire worldview re-arranged, thanks to a week's worth of amazing genre screenings, kickass Q&As, throat-shredding karaoke, and just meeting the all-around coolest cinephiles on the planet, all under one roof. There's a reason I packed everything into a truck the following year, drove down to Texas, and never left, and its name is Fantastic Fest. 

I mean, the movies alone are insane. From big studio debuts like Arrival, to DTV action scorchers such as Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, to amazing art house works such as Toni Erdmann, a solid collection of my favorite motion pictures from the past decade were injected straight into my eyeballs at this celebration of cinema. 

Now, badges are on sale for the 2018 shindig, and you should definitely come join us for this year's festivities (which runs September 20th - 27th). It's seriously a life-altering moment that every film fan should experience at least once in their life, as you'll leave with a whole new family of weirdo friends who love the same crazy stuff you do. 

So, head on over and grab your pass today. There will be a cold beer waiting for you at the Highball when you arrive, and about 75 face-melting titles (both new and old) lurking in the theaters to blow your brain out the back of your skull. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.