Trailer For HEARTS BEAT LOUD Promises Tuneful Pleasantness

Just like the movie itself!

I loved Hearts Beat Loud out of SXSW, enough to place it on my "Best of the Fest" list, where I said:

"A quintessential SXSW title, the latest from writer/director Brett Haley (The Hero) traces a failed musician turned record shop owner (Nick Offerman) as he latches onto inspiration during the last days of life as he knows it. Starting a band with his insanely talented daughter (Kiersey Clemons), the melancholy papa does his best to try and discover any sort of driving purpose, as the girl he loves the most is set to head off to study medicine in just a few short weeks. Insanely pleasant (with a super catchy soundtrack), Hearts Beat Loud is an existential hangout picture (a subgenre in which there were a few great entries at this year's Fest) that would do Richard Linklater proud, internalizing all the conflict, while giving us a schlubby front man we want to root for." 

Now, Gunpowder & Sky have released a trailer for the picture, which does a damn good job capturing just how insanely uplifting this movie is. 

Check it out:

In all honesty, if 2018 ended today, Hearts Beat Loud would be on my "Best of the Year" list. Sometimes, you just need a film that makes you feel really good about life, despite its many challenges, and that's precisely what Brett Haley's latest does.

Hearts Beat Loud hits theaters on June 8th. Carve out 90 minutes for it. You won't be sorry.