That FAST & FURIOUS Spin-Off Starring The Rock And Jason Statham Is Officially Happening

And they've got DEADPOOL 2's David Leitch to direct.

Well, it's been rumored for some time now, but today it became official: Universal is moving forward with its Fast & The Furious spin-off movie starring Jason Statham and The Rock. Oh, and they've hired up Deadpool 2's David Leitch to direct it.

Says Entertainment Weekly, who broke the story:

"EW can exclusively reveal that David Leitch (Deadpool 2) has officially signed on to direct the untitled Fast & Furious spin-off starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Staham, about their respective characters Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw. (The film has been rumored to be called, naturally, Hobbs and Shaw.) The film is due in theaters July 26, 2019."

It will be interesting to see what sort of impact this has on the Fast & Furious #fambly. Both Tyrese Gibson and Vin Diesel have expressed their dissastisfaction with The Rock and the concept of a Fast & Furious spin-off, and it seems all but guaranteed that we'll be hearing more from them about Hobbs and Shaw in the near future. How the rest of the cast feels about the situation remains unknown, but I suppose there's no guesswork to be done about how Universal feels about it. 

We don't know anything about Hobbs and Shaw's plot or who else from the Fast & Furious franchise might appear in the film (suggested prank idea: have everyone from the Fast & Furious movies appear except Vin Diesel), but we do know Leitch will be directing from a script written by Chris Morgan, who's written six of the Fast & Furious movies. We also know we're very excited to see what kind of madness Leitch will deliver. This could really be something.

Stay tuned for more on Hobbs and Shaw as it becomes available. Argue about whether or not this is a good idea in the space provided below.