New INCREDIBLES 2 Trailer Gets The Plot Going

Elastigirl takes the stage.

One convenient thing about animated sequels is you can return after a long time without anything looking all that different. That’s certainly the case with The Incredibles 2. It’s been fourteen years since the first one, and this one looks like it could have come out thirteen years and 364 days ago. Check out the new trailer:

That’s a lot of plot for one trailer. Overall, it appears to be a Mr. Mom riff with Mr. Incredible as Elastigirl hops around the globe being a superhero for Bob Odenkirk. Also Brad Bird gets to complain more about modernity.

I’m a little worried this will just be sort of a retread of what made the first film worked, but then again, the first film had a ton of charm and great action, so maybe that’s not the worst thing in the world. We’ll find out when the film comes out June 15.