Surprise: Carrie Coon Is Playing Proxima Midnight In AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Surprise, INFINITY WAR's even cooler than we thought.

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As pointed out by the good folks over at the Hollywood Reporter, a recent Radio Times interview with Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo has revealed that Carrie Coon (The Post, Fargo) will play Proxima Midnight in this month's highly-anticipated film.

If you're unfamiliar with the character, THR describes her thusly:

"The character is a member of the Black Order, a group of ruthless aliens that serve Thanos in his villainous quest. She is arguably the most deadly of her group, and was created by comic book writer Jonathan Hickman and debuted along with her colleagues in 2013's New Avengers No. 8 during the 'Infinity Stone' storyline."

Other members of the Black Order include Cull Obsidian (to be played by Kong: Skull Island's Terry Notary) and Ebony Maw (to be played by Tom Vaughan-Lawlor). The Black Order has one other member, the preposterously-named Corvus Glaive, though we apparently still don't know who'll be performing that particular role. 

Anyway, exciting to hear that Carrie Coon's joined the production! We look forward to hearing more as we get closer to Avengers: Infinity War's release on April 27th. While we're waiting, make sure you head on over to this page to secure your copy of our Infinity War issue, now on sale via our friends at Mondo.