SNL Goes All In On “Diner Lobster”

John Mulaney dusts off one of his most ambitious sketches.

Throughout his week hosting SNL, John Mulaney has been regaling his Instagram followers with old pictures and stories from when he was a writer. After Saturday’s episode, he divulged that he wrote “Diner Lobster” with Colin Jost eight years ago, but it never made it past the table read. I have a more grandiose theory, though.

I feel like they’ve quietly been workshopping the music in the years since. In between projects, they’ve gotten together at each other’s houses to sew costumes. That barricade? It was built on the back of Mulaney’s mom’s wheelbarrow. (And she’s going to need that back for her gardening group next week.)

Check it out:

This sketch was by far the strongest in the pack this week. While there were some charming moments in other sketches and Mulaney's monologue was strong (why DID a town in Connecticut stop in the middle of the Civil War to build a gazebo?), it’s “Diner Lobster” that will be shared the most amongst friends and coworkers. Kenan, I’ve found your Emmy clip.

What did you guys think? Was “Diner Lobster” the epic sweeping musical the world never knew it needed?  Who DOES order the lobster in a diner? And why?