Steven Spielberg Enters The Superhero Game With BLACKHAWK

Welcome to the DC fold, Steven Spielberg!

In an admittedly stunning turn of events, it's been announced that Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. are teaming up to give The Beard his very own superhero movie: Blackhawk

According to The Wrap, Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. (who recently teamed up on Ready Player One) will produce the film, and Spielberg's got his eye on directing, as well. For those keeping score at home, this'd put Blackhawk third in line after Spielberg's currently-percolating projects, a West Side Story remake and Indiana Jones 5.

So, what's Blackhawk about? The Wrap describes it thusly:

"Blackhawk is the leader of a small team of ace pilots who fight tyranny and oppression — including Axis powers as well as various supervillains –while operating from a hidden base known only as “Blackhawk Island.” The comic book debuted in 1941 and features team members from around the world, with Blackhawk himself generally portrayed as a Polish freedom fighter."

You'll note that Blackhawk is a DC property, but it's unclear if the intention here is to have Spielberg deliver a film that's in the established DCU (read: Snyderverse) or something intended to be a standalone film. The time period in which Blackhawk is set seems to indicate that it'll be a period piece, and we imagine there'd be some room in there for Wonder Woman if Spielberg were interested; guess that'd be a question for screenwriter David Koepp, who's tackling the project - but right now nothing seems to be confirmed on that front.

Anyway, we're all sorta absorbing the news that Spielberg intends to make a superhero movie (and that it's this title, of all titles), and imagine you're doing the same. Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section provided below.