Jake Busey & Cary Elwes To Add Serious Weirdness To Season 3 Of STRANGER THINGS

Westley plays a sleazy politician? OK there, Duffer Bros.

It has got to be hard to be Jake Busey. Not only is your dad one of the strangest dudes to ever emerge out of Hollywood - his screen presence ruined by both a motorcycle accident and drug use - you've never quite ascended to even the same goofy "B-Movie legend" status he did. Jake's enjoyed some decent moments in a spotty career (The Frighteners), but has mostly been nothing more than a C-Lister the whole time. 

Luckily for Busey, the Duffer Bros. have cast him in Stranger Things Season 3, along with Princess Bride and Saw star Cary Elwes. Both sound like they may be villains in the latest installment of the hit Netflix series, playing new characters with questionable (at best) intentions. 

Busey is going to be Bruce - a journalist for The Hawkins Post - who's described as having a "sick sense of humor" and "questionable morals." Elwes, on the other hand, has signed on as Mayor Kline, who's described as "handsome, slick, and sleazy...classic '80s politician." Corruption in Hawkins, Indiana? You don't say. 

Elwes has also had sort of a weird career, spoofing Robin Hood in Mel Brooks' Men In Tights, and playing love interests and handsome villains alike (while even owning recurring voice roles on stuff like Family Guy). Seeing the Duffer Bros. play with these two oddball actors should be a ton of fun, as they both have potential to do weird, awesome work. 

Of course, we don't really know a lot about the plot to Season 3 yet, as Netflix is keeping details close to their vest. EP Shawn Levy did confirm that the next season will take place in '85, one year after Season 2's ending. All we know thus far? Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) will build upon their relationship, and there's a hot new blockbuster - Back to the Future - that will influence the kids' storyline.

No release date has been announced as of yet for Season 3, but I'm sure we'll get that soon enough.