THE EQUALIZER 2 Gets A Poster And Some First Images

Give us this movie RIGHT NOW.

I am so in love with Antione Fuqua’s The Equalizer. It’s a gleefully R-rated take on the “Old Badass” subgenre that ends with Denzel Washington picking off fools with improvised weapons in a Home Depot (okay, it’s not literally a Home Depot, but you know) while also teaching his overweight co-worker the virtues of self-discipline and physical training. Fuck yes.

So clearly I am here for the sequel, also directed by the great Antoine Fuqua. Tomorrow we will be graced with the film’s first trailer, but for now, let us bask in the following poster and stills:

Yes, Melissa Leo is back, was there ever any doubt!? I’ll grant you, these are not all that exciting out of context. But the context is The Equalizer 2, so these belong in the Louvre and that’s that.

Stay tuned for tomorrow sure to be awesome trailer. I can’t wait.