We Wanna Send Two Of You To See TITANIC Aboard The Queen Mary This Weekend

The Rolling Roadshow is back at it again with the amazing events, and we're giving away two tickets to their latest.

Who doesn't love Titanic? Romance! Melodrama! A James Cameron special effects extravaganza in the waning days of practical effect dominance! And now you have a chance to see the beloved classic in a new and interesting light.

That's right - this is the Alamo Drafthouse's Rolling Roadshow version of Titanic.

"On Saturday, April 21st, Alamo Drafthouse and Rolling Roadshow will present James Cameron’s monumental 1997 blockbuster TITANIC in the most unforgettable way possible: beneath the stars and on location at The Queen Mary ocean liner in Long Beach, CA… and far, far away from North Atlantic icebergs.

“We will never let go of the story of Jack, Rose, and the ‘Ship of Dreams’,” says Henri Mazza, Alamo Drafthouse Vice President of Large Events. “So we can’t wait to celebrate this landmark film in the most amazing way imaginable.”

Now a hotel and museum after 1,001 crossings of the Atlantic, there’s truly no grander backdrop to experience the record-breaking epic like The Queen Mary, an 88-year-old ocean liner that was built, just like the Titanic, for the Cunard/White Star Line. The event will happen nearly one hundred and six years after the RMS Titanic’s first and final voyage that ended on April 15th, 1912.

Tickets include a self-guided tour of the massive ship (roughly a third larger than RMS Titanic), access to the museum, and a look at the Titanic exhibit, featuring rare photographs and over 150 artifacts from Titanic, her identical twin sister Olympic, and the rescue ship, Carpathia. Drinks and dinner are not included in the ticket but will be available onboard (and no, iceberg lettuce will not be on the menu) at one of four restaurants."

So what do you need to do to watch the star-crossed lovers under the stars and on a ship that won't sink?

First, be within driving distance of Long Beach, CA this Saturday. Second, leave a comment below telling us about your favorite part of Titanic. Finally, check back this Friday, April 20th, at noon to see if your comment was selected (we'll respond to you if you won, at which point you'll be directed to email us your contact info). That's it! Easy as running into an iceberg!

In all seriousness, if I lived in California, this isn't an event I'd miss out on. Seeing Titanic on the big screen was a formative experience of my youth and this seems like one of the coolest possible ways to experience one of the best films in James Cameron's catalog. If you're local and don't wanna try your hand at winning a pair of tickets, be aware that a few remain at this link!

Everyone else - hit the comments below, and good luck!