Don’t Call It A Comeback: The Final DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Is Here


The final Deadpool 2 trailer just dropped on our heads like a red-suited sack of bricks, blaring LL Cool J while it collects the squad and does battle with Josh Brolin's Cable. 

Take a look:

Things I like about this spot: the quips, the fact that it seems 100% like a "team up" movie (seeing Deadpool go Full MacGruber will be a ball). Things I don't like about this trailer: the copious amount of TJ Miller. Let that bro go, yo. 

This movie's going to make all the money. Give it yours by snagging a ticket here

Deadpool 2 hits theaters in a month - May 18th. As a proud fan of the first, I need this movie in my veins.