Hold Up… The International EQUALIZER 2 Trailer Is WAAAAAY Better

Another sign America is in dire straits.

Holy shit. We posted the first trailer for the hotly anticipated (by my, anyway) The Equalizer 2 earlier this morning. Little did I know there was an international trailer released as well. Normally these things might have a different shot or two. Nothing major. This, however, is a whole different trailer, and a much better one at that:

The way it sets up the opening, the way it progresses, heck even the fact that you can now understand what the characters are saying… everything here is an improvement over what we got this morning. And I was totally in love with what we got this morning. Now I feel like an asshole. I probably need to get Equalized.

Let me know in the comments how I should be Equalized. And please don't be jerks: make sure I'm Equalized AFTER the damn movie comes out.