The Shape Looms Large On The First Teaser Poster For HALLOWEEN

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's sequel showcases a familiar mask.

We've got six months until the new Halloween sequel (and it IS a sequel, not a remake) hits theaters. Now, Blumhouse has teased what Michael Myers' mask will look like in David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's newest installment, and it feels somewhat familiar. 

Take a look at the full poster here:

First off, that's a pretty sweet one sheet: minimalist, direct, and totally portentous. 

Only, Michael's mask definitely feels a lot closer to the Rob Zombie mask from the initial remake (not the demolished Frankenstein get-up from his sequel, mind you) that's pretty removed from Carpenter's original (which this movie is allegedly a direct follow-up to). 

Take a look at Exhibit A (from Zombie's Halloween): 

Save for that crack in the forehead, its pretty close to owning the same texture/corrosion. 

Now, here's Exhibit B (from Carpenter's '78 Halloween):

There's a flimsiness to the original that I've always loved, where this new mask looks a little too much like form-fitting skin. 

Granted, this is just promo art, and the final mask will probably look pretty different in the actual film, but I'm obsessive over this franchise and love analyzing every little detail (so sue me). David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's Halloween is easily my most anticipated of the year (followed closely by De Palma's Domino), and everything I've been hearing behind the scenes fills me with absolute joy. I think they're gonna knock it out of the park, regardless of my goofy microscopic take on the mask. 

Halloween hits theaters October 19th. Per usual, I will kindly request the movie premiere at Fantastic Fest, so that I can lose my shit with my best friends while it plays.