Yes Yes Yes! THE EQUALIZER 2 Trailer Is Here!

Now my man is a Lyft driver.

I’m not going to waste too much of your time up top. The first trailer for The Equalizer 2 is here. Denzel is back, and he’s just as gleefully violent as before. Maybe even more so. Check it out:

God, I love this. It’s a sequel, so of course things are personal this time. Evil badasses from the past have come to take out all the members of Good Badasses Inc and that includes Denzel’s good pal Melissa Leo as well as Denzel himself. So he has to save his own life and get revenge at the same time - a recipe for badassery I am very happy with. I assume Bill Pullman dies too? We’ll have to see the film to find out!

One thing that is not mysterious: The Equalizer knows how to put fools down. I think he kills like a dozen folks in this trailer alone, which is good because I can’t actually understand a word of dialog in this trailer.

What do you guys think? Are you ready for another round with Denzel and his super fast hands?