A World Without Crime: Watch The Trailer For Andrew Niccol’s ANON

Extreme Stefon Voice: "Dystopias are so hot right now."

Andrew Niccol's Anon has a premise I think we all feel like we're roughly six months away from experiencing ourselves. In the future - thanks to technology having the ability to instantly recognize who you are - there is no privacy or anonymity. Exploiting this all-seeing dystopia, a hacker (Amanda Seyfried) illegally plugs into the brain of a detective (Clive Owen) and controls what he's able to actually see while he's investigating a mystery. Weirdly enough, the screenplay wasn't ghost-written by Mark Zuckerberg. 

Now, Netflix has released a trailer for the film, and it looks weird and monochromatic, but with a bunch of visual flair. 

Take a look: 

I've heard some rumblings BTS that this is terrible (placing it right in line with most of Netflix's output) but whatever, it looks cool enough for one Sunday afternoon viewing when I'm bored AF (and I'm always down for more Clive Owen in my life). 

Anon hits Netflix May 4th. Hide the drugs.