Trailer For DOWNRANGE Wants To Blow Your F*cking Brains Out

Ryuhei Kitamura's single-location sniper movie is gnarly AF.

Downrange is a gross movie. I mean that in the best way possible. 

The latest from Japanese shock auteur Ryuhei Kitamura (VersusMidnight Meat Train), the picture transforms a simple flat tire in the country into a disgustingly wet bloodbath, as a sniper turns six college students into literal target practice. You want to see bullets splatter bodies before one of the goriest car crashes ever committed to film? Downrange has got you covered. 

Now, Kitamura's TIFF midnight hit is coming to Shudder, and Bloody-Disgusting got to debut this trailer for the mean-spirited horror film. 

Take a look: 

For real, Downrange is 90 minutes of intense splatter, working in a pure exploitation mode and transforming a really common nightmare (being caught in a shooting scenario) into a visually dynamic bit of craziness. If you're a genre fan, it's unmissable. 

Downrange premieres exclusively on Shudder next week, April 26th. We'll have more for you then.