Everyone’s Solo In These New SOLO Character Posters

Old shots of old characters, new shots for new ones.

How are we feeling about Solo? The film is imminent, but it almost feels like we’re going to have to get through Infinity War before we can even start worrying about this one. That may just be me though, the guy who felt a bit underwhelmed by Solo’s trailers and deeply worries this whole thing is going to be too prequel-cute.

But don’t let my pessimism get you down. Today brings us a bunch of Solo character posters. Some will look vaguely familiar. Some will feel a bit newer as they highlight characters who have yet to get a good spotlight. All I know is I am here for Val. Just give me a whole Val movie, please. Check them out:

There you go. Let us all hope this is more than a bunch of Han Shot First references. Solo: A Star Wars Story opens May 25.